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DTDC is the India’s biggest and leading domestic Courier and Logistics Company. It touches the citizens in the way of speed, secure, reliable and quality services. DTDC Express Limited has a huge network in the worldwide like USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, China and all Asian countries. Every month, it dispatches more than 12 Million shipments.

Corporate Social responsibility is the one of the main priority of DTDC. It is engaged in various social and economical activities. From the last 22 years, it helped many families like flood relief campaigns, education and child development programs. Mr. Subhashish Chakraborty has formed a foundation on 15th October 2011. With the help of this foundation, they will do the services in education, health & hospital, sewage system in villages, build or donate to elder homes, build or donate to orphanages, build schools and scholarships to meritorious as well as underprivileged students.

The different types of DTDC courier products are given below:

DTDC Domestic Services

This service provides time bound services to the customers. The different mail services are given below:

  • 1. DTDC Lite – Domestic Express Services for delivering documents and small parcels. And Domestic Cargo Services for delivering higher shipments.
  • 2. DTDC Vas – Cash on delivery, to pay or Freight on Delivery and delivery of declared personal or valuable items.

The features and services are given below:

  • 1. Bulk documents, mobiles, insurance gills, bank statements and annual general reports.
  • 2. Delivers invitation cards, Pamphlets, direct mailers, and etc in quick time.
  • 3. Smart dispatch, fast and accurate processing and delivery.

dtdc courier products

DTDC International Services

This international services and products are given below:

  • 1. Express Services – International Document Express Services for delivering documents. And International Non Document Express Services for delivering parcels.
  • 2. Cargo Services – Door to door for Express or Economy services, Door to airport for Express or Deferred services and Airport to airport for Express or deferred services.
  • 3. Student Express – This services is for students who sends application forms, statements of purpose and other documents to universities of abroad.
  • 4. Excess Baggage – This is for those customers who are relocating to or from vacating in international locations.
  • 5. International cash on delivery.

DTDC Priority Services

These services are designed for large corporate clients, multi nationals, financial institutes, banking and insurance companies. These services are given below:

  • 1. Separate tem for handling.
  • 2. Customer’s doorstep till last mile delivery.
  • 3. Online DTDC tracking and trace status of consignments.
  • 4. For corporate clients, DTDC provides quality, on time and customized services.
  • 5. Corporate companies needs to deliver bulk volumes. Lot of companies prefers DTDC, since they have best capability.

These services are divided in to four categories, they are given below:

  • 1. Priority Air – Articles are shipped by air are handled in this service.
  • 2. Priority Surface – Consignments are shipped by rail or road in this service.
  • 3. Priority Express – Parcels and documents are shipped in fastest express mode in this service.

DTDC Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain solutions of DTDC are given below:

  • 1. Air Services – Pick up, time bound, airport to airport and other services.
  • 2. Premium Air Services – Pick up and direct delivery within 24 hours to all major metros in India and for other cities it will take 24 hours.
  • 3. Rail Services – Time bound and safe delivery.
  • 4. Full Truck Load Services – Deliver through large volume cargo.
  • 5. Warehousing services.

DTDC Warehousing Services

These main features of warehousing services are given below:

  • 1. Pickup and package services.
  • 2. System enabled stacking.
  • 3. Online inventory monitoring.
  • 4. Online DTDC courier tracking is available.

DTDC New World Services (Retail)

DTDC retail services to the customers are friendly, value oriented and trustworthy. These services are given below:

  • 1. Movie or Event tickets at your doorstep.
  • 2. Financial Services like insurance products.
  • 3. Courier Services – Logistics related products.
  • 4. DTH Renewal – Renewing the cable connections.
  • 5. Convenience, offering, trust and make life easy to its customers.
  • 6. Mobile Recharge – DTDC also provides Top up for mobile phones.
  • 7. Gifting Services – Visit nearest DTDC New World, select a gift and send to loved ones.
  • 8. Office solutions like printing, Xerox, scanning, digital photo printing available at our New World store.
  • 9. Travel Services – Booking air, train and bus tickets, customized holiday packages. These services are fast and reliable.
  • 10. Utility Bill Payments – DTDC has made many opportunities to its franchise persons like mobile, electricity, water, telephone and cooking gas bills payments.

DTDC is the most preferred company in India. It has the widest network in India and also in the world. The services to the customers are fast, reliable and economic. Not only in India around world DTDC is the market leader in the courier industry. It provides end to end logistics and retail services. Clearly, in this article explains the DTDC courier tracking or DTDC tracking and its services. Finally it is customer centric and trustworthiness.

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