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Enter the PNR Number of your current Indian Railways reservation ticket in the above PNR tracking form. Now press the ‘Get PNR Status’ button. And after some time you will get the current status of your train ticket, which is booked in any platform like online or offline.

Actually PNR number is a 10 digit number, which is printed on your train ticket. This PNR number is separated with a hyphen (-) symbol. The hyphen symbol separate the PNR number as 3 digit and 7 digit number. When you want to find the PNR status, remember that don’t enter the hyphen (-) symbol.

The Indian Railways is an 168 years old organization. It provides quality services, best facilities and cost effective price services to Indian customers. It provides heart touching services to every Indian customer in terms of parcel services, goods services, passenger’s services and etc. Indian Railways are always ready to update their services and also grab the latest technology to improve their services. Indian Railways has invested lot of money in technology to improve the PNR Status tool. By using this tool, every Indian citizen can find the current reservation status of their train tickets, which are booked in Indian Railways.

Under Indian Railways there are lot of people are working. It has a dedicated team. And they are professional in their work. This team provides unmatched services to all their esteemed customers. It has the best and well equipped team. This team is working round the clock to provide the best and quality services to Indian customers.

Indian Railways has the largest and wide network in Asia and world. Customers are the first choice of Indian Railways. So, they behave friendly with customers to solve the queries. It takes the utmost care to travelers, so that they can reach the destination safely. It is classified into many categories like super fast trains, express trains, passenger trains, goods trains etc. The important features of Indian Railways are given below:

  • 1. Its first choice is Indian customers.
  • 2. Provide reliable, trusted and fast services to customers.
  • 3. Having professional team and using modern concepts.
  • 4. Top most leading and successful organization in Asia and also world.
  • 5. Providing the innovative services and quality services.
  • 6. Regular in updating their services with latest technology.

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PNR Status Tracking Procedure

Indian Railways is providing the top brand services in India. It services to customers are economic, accurate and reliable. Also Indian Railways are guarantee in providing the on time services. It has the world class PNR tracking form. This form is made with latest and advanced technology. Using this form the customers can find the current reservation status of their booked train tickets. These results are 100% accurate and reliable.

Follow the below steps at online on different websites like Indian Railways, IRCTC etc to get the current reservation status of their booked train tickets.

  • 1. The first step to visit the website or the official website of Indian Railways or IRCTC website.
  • 2. Now look at the reservation receipt, which is given at counter of Indian Railways, when you book the train ticket. Or look at the SMS or Email, which will come when you book the train ticket through online.
  • 3. PNR number is a 10 digit number, which is separated by hyphen (-) symbol.
  • 4. Now enter the PNR number in the above form or at Indian Railways website form or IRCTC PNR form.
  • 5. Now press the ‘Get PNR Status’ button. After some time, you will get the current reservation status like confirmed or RAC or waitlist.
  • 6. If your reservation ticket is confirmed then it will shows the breath number and coach number.
  • 7. If your reservation ticket is RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) or waitlist then it will shows the waitlist number.

You can also get the PNR Status of your reservation train ticket through your mobile by SMS. For this just follow the below steps:

  • 1. First step is to open the message application in your mobile.
  • 2. Type 'PNR <10 digit PNR Number>'.
  • 3. Now send the SMS to 139 or 5676747.
  • 4. SMS charges in your mobile will be charged according to your service provider.
  • 5. After sometime, you will get SMS from Indian railways.
  • 6. In that SMS, you will get the complete information or your reserved train ticket.
  • 7. For more information, visit the official website of Indian Railways.

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PNR Number Format

When you book the train ticket in Indian Railways counter or through online website of IRCTC or Amazon or through any platform, then Indian Railways will provide the 10 digit PNR Number in the form of booking receipt or through SMS or through Email. This PNR Number is a ten digit number, separated by a hyphen (-) symbol. The PNR Number format is in the below form:

Service TypeFormatNo. of Digits
PNR Number463 – 576551910

About Indian Railways

Indian Railways is the largest network. It is under Ministry of Railways, Government of India. The Government of India operates India’s national railway system. By size, Indian Railways is the fourth largest network. It serves different services to Indian citizens like goods services, parcel services, passenger services etc. Indian Railways spread across every corner of India.

From the last 168 years, Indian Railways is the leader in all the form travelling facilities like rail, road and air in India. You can book the reservation train ticket in every railway station across India. To book the train tickets, you can make payment in any form like cash, credit card, debit card, wallets etc. You can travel any part of India with low cost and peaceful. The costs of expenditure in Indian Railways are economical and cost effective, when compared with Road and Air.

Indian Railways is the safest and secure travel system in India. It is fast and takes utmost care to every passenger and also parcel service. The passengers, who travel in India from their source to destination, they feel comfortable and safest. The parcels, who book in Indian Railways are also feel safest. Since, Indian Railways take care and also provide the insurance, if any parcel is damage.

  • 1. Its services are secure, time bound and fast.
  • 2. It has excellent network across every corner of India. Even remote areas also Indian Railways has the best network.
  • 3. Indian Railways will provide travel insurance and parcel insurance.
  • 4. Indian Railways will provide metro services in some major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.
  • 5. It services are available at 24/7.
  • 6. Reliability, accuracy and fast are main services.
  • 7. Customer friendly services.
  • 8. SMS, online and offline PNR Status track system is available.
  • 9. Customer care services are available.

Indian Railways Core Services

The following are the some silent features of Indian Railways:

  • 1. Control services, safety services and speed services across India by Railways.
  • 2. Catering and police services are available in every train.
  • 3. Provide high quality services and excellent satisfaction services to every Indian customer.
  • 4. Cost effective services and reliable services to every customer.
  • 5. 24 hours services are available.
  • 6. Clean railway stations and hygienic railway stations.
  • 7. Real time PNR Status tracking system is available.
  • 8. Own nationwide rail network is available.
  • 9. Insurance facility for passengers and parcels are also available.
  • 10. Value for money services and value added services are also available.
  • 11. If you face any problem related with Indian Railways, contact their customer care.

Every day, Indian railways are providing rail services to passengers all over the India. They connect the great length networks to connect Indian citizens. They provide the services like passenger services, parcel services, PNR Status services, travel insurance services, superfast trains, express trains, passenger trains and etc. They maintain the huge number of railway stations across India. Their charges are low, when compare with other bus and air services. Indian Railways main aim is care and attention. The importance of India Railways is their customers.

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