Speed Post Tracking


Enter the consignment number of your package in the above speed post tracking form. Now press the ‘Track Speed Post’ button. And after some time you will get the current status of your package, which is booked in any India post office booking counter. Compare with speed post, dtdc is also best courier company. You can find the dtdc tracking tool at the same website. Here also enter the reference number the tracking form and you will get the complete status of your article.

The Indian Railways has given some special features to India post offices and Indian citizens. For Indian citizens, they can find the PNR Status of various trains. These railway ticket booked in the nearest railway station or through irctc online. For the department of India post office, Indian railways have provided some special space in railways. The department of Indian postal service has taken partnership with Indian railways to send goods and parcels in some specified trains. With this partnership, India post can increase the revenue.

The department of Indian postal service has over 150 years of combined experience and they have made the right investments in people, facilities and technology to operate efficiently and effectively. India Post provides quality services with cost-effective prices to the customers. Department of Posts is confident in providing the heart touching services to the customers like delivering mails, money transfer, banking, insurance, retail services and etc in India. They have invested in the latest technologies for data integration, online account management and real time speed post tracking tool. By using this technology, you can find the India post tracking latest status of your consignment.

The department of Indian postal service has a team of dedicated professionals having distinct experience in domestic industry. It has been constant endeavor to provide unmatched services to all esteemed clients. India postal service has one of the best and well equipped customer care team. This customer care team works round the clock and gives the solutions to customer’s quires about online tracking and etc. The experience of India post office has a great advantage that many international and domestic courier agencies utilize their network and affect their deliveries.

The department of postal service is the largest and wide network in India and also in the world. Its first choice is customer and they believe in friendly customer service from local staff that really cares. They are providing the high quality service, strong IT system integration capabilities and the most user friendly website in the industry to the customers. The client can reach the customer service centre for any queries with more convenient and they will help at any time.

India post office can meet the client’s requirements and enhance service levels documents, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. The booked parcels were handled with utmost care by Department of Posts staff, so to reach the parcels at destination safely. It has the clients from every industry like banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, export, textiles and etc. it is specialize in local, national and international courier.

It touches the lives of India citizens. And it is acting as interface between Government of India and citizens. The important features are given below:

  • 1. Customer is the first choice.
  • 2. Trusted, professionalism and modern conception of customer service.
  • 3. Leading successful organization – Great work by dedicated and hardworking staff.
  • 4. Satisfaction of Customers – Courtesy and helpfulness by service representatives and dispatchers.
  • 5. Care of Customers – 100% quality services, innovation, technology, speed, high caliber and responsible partners.
  • 6. Effective organization performance – Best leadership which stirs up a sense of hope and courage inspiring to be the best.

speed post tracking

The operations of postal department is carried out by the Indian post office which is a government owned department. It offers may services to the customers, which are given below:

  • 1. Registered Post – This is the service offered by postal department. Customers who want the consignment to be delivered safe and secure can use this service. Our postal department also offers tracking solutions for the booked packages via registration.
  • 2. Speed Post – This is also one of the best services offered by postal department. Customers who want the consignment to be delivered fast and secure can use this service. Our postal department also offers speed post tracking solutions for the booked packages via this mail.
  • 3. Mail Services – Express parcels, Media post, Logistics and greeting post are the mail services supported by the Indian postal department.
  • 4. Mail Products – There are many products supported post office, they are Inland letter, insurance, value payable post and many more.
  • 5. Track Tools – Department of posts provides the status of the various mails by using their official India post tracking feature.
  • 6. Business Solutions – You can open a savings account and deposit money in that account. And also they provide the corporate accounts, cash on delivery, direct mail, retail services and business mail.
  • 7. Philately – The India postal department also handles printing of stamps. Interested ones can buy these stamps and can put them in their album. The hobby of collecting the stamps is called philately.

India Post Tracking Procedure

Department of Indian postal service is one of the top brands in domestic courier industry in India. It is fast, economic and reliable. And also provides guaranteed delivery to time sensitive documents or parcel and offers time bound, assured delivery service for letters, documents and parcels up to 35 Kg’s weight. One of the main advantages of department of posts is speed post tracking feature. By using this feature, you can track and trace the current or delivery status of the consignments, which are booked via Indian post office.

Just follow the below steps at online to get the status of your parcel.

  • 1. First visit this website or official website of Indian Post office.
  • 2. Now look at the booking receipt, which is given at counter of post office, when you book the article.
  • 3. Where you find thirteen digit barcode, which is a consignment number. By using this number we find our article tracking status.
  • 4. Just enter that reference number in the above form or in the official India post website tracking form.
  • 5. Now press the ‘Track’ button. After some time, you will get the status of the parcel.
  • 6. Here you will get the details like booking place, delivery place and complete tracking history.

Now just follow the below steps at your mobile to get the status of your article.

  • 1. Open the message application in your mobile.
  • 2. Type 'POST TRACK <13 digit reference number>'.
  • 3. Now send SMS to 166 or 51969.
  • 4. SMS charges applicable as per you service providers.
  • 5. After sometime, you will receive an SMS.
  • 6. In that SMS, you will get the current status and delivery status of your article.
  • 7. If you have any grievances to be addressed, you can directly contact with Indian post office.

india post tracking number

India Post Tracking Format

When you booked an item via post office, they will provide a tracking number in the booking receipt. It is a thirteen digit barcode. The tracking format of different mail services are given below:

Service TypeFormatNo. of Digits
Domestic EMS Speed PostEE123456789IN13
Registered PostRX123456789IN13
International EMS Speed PostEE123456789XX13
Electronic Money Order (eMo)00000000000000000018
Express Parcel PostXX123456789XX13

About Speed Post

The department of India postal service is the largest network. It has nearly 154882 post offices across India, in which 89.86% post offices that means almost 139182 post offices are situated in rural areas. Every year, Indian postal service delivers 1575 crore mails across every corner of India. The services of postal department are sending articles, mails, parcels, retails products, consignments and etc.

From the last 28 years, speed mail is the market leader in the domestic express industry of India. By using this service, every month 4 crore articles are delivering in India and also around the Globe. It is booked in almost every post office across India and delivered every corner of the country. This service is providing time bound and express delivery services.

The department of post office is backed by universal postal union. After this it is became as EMS speed mail and serving across 99 foreign countries. It is economical and faster. If you want to send a university application, bank letters like credit card or debit card, business letters, important letters and etc, in this case it is the better choice. It will send those mails across the Globe with safe, secure, fast and with utmost care.

The status of the articles, mails can be tracked through the Government of India’s postal official website. This can be done by using the thirteen digit barcode that specifies the tracking number or consignment number.

  • 1. Its delivery is fast, secure and time bound delivery. Normally delivers within one week.
  • 2. Excellent delivery in every corner of India, including remote areas.
  • 3. It is address specific that means delivered to any person staying in recipient address.
  • 4. At the delivery time full name, signature and phone number of the recipient is recorded on delivery slip.
  • 5. Postage fee calculated based on volume and distance. This will get by you in official website.
  • 6. Sms facility is also available with free of cost for the sender as well as receiver.
  • 7. Book now pay later is available. Free pickup for these customers and also bulk customers.
  • 8. Speed Post service available for almost 150+ countries worldwide.
  • 9. The booking rate of speed mail is cheap.
  • 10. The delivery of letters, parcel and gifts with speed mail is fast, secure and time bound.

Speed Post Features

The main features of department of posts are given below:

  • 1. Insurance.
  • 2. In some major cities of India, booking facility is available at 24 hours.
  • 3. Reliability, speed and customer friendly services.
  • 4. Internet and mobile India Post track and trace system.
  • 5. Sms based delivery status.
  • 6. Free pickup facility for bulk customers.
  • 7. Book Now Pay Later facility – Credit facility provided to corporate customers and regular users under terms and conditions.
  • 8. Volume based discount facility – it provides discounts for corporate customers and regular users under special terms and conditions.
  • 9. Cash on delivery – This facility available for e-commerce companies and online retailed sellers.
  • 10. Customer care services – If the user faces any tracking related problem or requires any problem related enquiry, then kindly contact the customer care persons or send email. Then they will help you to find a solution.
  • 11. International service – If any abroad user wants any tracking query or wants any product related information, then kindly get in touch with the gateway centers at Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.
  • 12. Corporate customers and regular user’s services – Value added services, value for money basis services, pickup facility, monthly billing, account management facility, tracking related facility, volume discount and many more.

India Post Core Services

The following are the silent features:

  • 1. Speed, safety and control services of delivering mails, logistics, retail and etc across India.
  • 2. Escort services with each consignment.
  • 3. Door pickup and door delivery in India and around the Globe.
  • 4. India Post provides high quality services to the customers.
  • 5. The main aim of Department of Posts is to provide excellent satisfaction services to the customers.
  • 6. Flexibility of pickup and delivery, which is 24/7.
  • 7. Speed, reliable, efficient and cost effective services.
  • 8. Guaranteed on time delivery.
  • 9. 24 hours real time web and sms based tracking.
  • 10. Single window customs clearance services.
  • 11. Pickup and delivers your business or personal documents on time.
  • 12. Large number of satisfied customers from delivery industry.
  • 13. Import or export customs clearance.
  • 14. Having own nationwide network.
  • 15. Insurance facility and advisory services.

India Post Compensation

If the booked article through department of posts is loss or damage or loss of contents or delay then the Indian postal service will pay the compensation to the customers. The compensation features are given below:

  • 1. For Domestic articles – Double of the mail charges or Rs 1000.
  • 2. For international EMS articles – 30 SDR.

For more details, please visit the Government of India postal official website.

Every day, Department of Indian postal service goes to great lengths to connect people and business all over the India. Delivering you’re documents or parcels, small savings scheme, insurance and etc with care and attention – because they understand how important each and every thing to their value customers. India Speed post tracking system supplied live information concerning the location and standing of your document, parcel or consignment. Finally, Department of India Posts take it personally in terms of whatever you need and whatever you need to send it.

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